Spring is come and gone, and Summer is officially here.  Did you know that high temperatures are the number one cause of battery failure?  Most people associate dead batteries with the cold winter months, but typically most batteries are at an extremely reduced capacity from the summer heat, and don’t find out until it’s freezing outside!

So why not wait until winter to replace it?  Operating a vehicle with a weak battery is very hard on your alternator, the part that recharges the battery after starting.  And by overworking your alternator, you are reducing it’s life.  And the only thing worse than having to replace a dead battery in the middle of a snow storm is having to replace your alternator along with it!

so next time you have your vehicle in for service, ask about having your battery tested.  It could save you money and headache later on.

Posted by AccurateAutomotive on June 22, 2016